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The Best Website Builder Is No Website Builder

Nothing breaks my heart quite like hearing the following sentence: “Oh, don’t worry — we’re just going to build our own website.” Oh the heartache this poor soul is going to endure… When it comes time to build your website, the best website builder is NO website builder… Instead, you should be using WordPress. Download…

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3 Reasons Why A Cheap Website Design Is a Bad Investment

You should NEVER pay for a cheap website, mostly because you'll end up paying to fix it down the road. However, there's one major reason to avoid this that most people never consider.

Paying for a cheap website design is like paying for cheap brakes. It might work… For now. But it will likely fall apart right in front of you (and cause some damage along the way). It certainly will over time. Cheap brakes are cheap for a reason — a quality mechanic does a lot more than slap the…

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WordPress Security — The Beginner’s Guide (Infographic)

WordPress security is one of the most popular and important topics among today’s website owners and businesses. We are constantly seeking new ways to ensure our website and client information is secure from hackers or intruders. Actually, simply using WordPress itself is a great start on your path to online security. Today, we’ll look at…

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Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

You’re a beginner, but you’re getting this WordPress thing down—until the Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance error rears its ugly head that is. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Updating and managing content changes, installing new plugins, or adding new photos to your slider — you can do it all. Look at you! You’re even…

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We’re Bringing Simple Back

(To watch the Brown Bag Business Chat, scroll down) I want you to imagine a house, a house that contains everything you own. …might be a pretty big house… Might be tiny (mine’s pretty tiny). This is a magic house, so it’s as big as it needs to be to hold all your things. Car,…

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