Hiring Employees for Your Small Business — How to Hire the Right People for the Right Positions with Tripp Braden


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Hiring employees for your small business doesn’t have to be the frightening, anxiety inducing, nerve-wracking procedure that it usually is.

It also doesn’t just have to be about filling a particular need.

It can be about growth too.

Hiring for Growth

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Over 60% of hiring managers believe they made at least one bad hiring decision over the past several years—that’s worse than flipping a coin.

Hiring shouldn’t be a second thought, something you’ll get to later, because that often leads to horrible hiring decisions — decisions you’ll pay for down the road.

But you’re a busy person — you’ve got things to do.

Hiring isn’t THAT important.

Does this describe you?

We might need to have an intervention.

Hiring Employees for Your Small Business Who Contribute to Growth Over Time

Hiring is a skill, and a skill you can learn, but it takes practice, willingness to try new things, and most importantly…

Its something you have to value. If you treat hiring like a pain in your butt, if you barely glance at a resume before talking to someone for less that five minutes, if you don’t prepare and just hire someone to get back to work, you’re doing it wrong.

And it will cost you in the end.

That’s why Tripp Braden put together his proven hiring system—something he’s used over decades of hiring to ensure the best possible chance of getting a good hire (and avoiding having to fire someone).

Tripp Braden has interviewed over 16,000 managers and business leaders. In this Brown Bag Business Chat, we find out exactly how you can hire the BEST people for your organization (and avoid hiring hell).

Before you watch the video, make sure you download Tripp Braden’s tips on how to Hire for Growth.

Want to get a hold of Tripp and learn more? Here are his details:

Twitter: @TrippBraden



Adam Fout

Adam Fout is an addiction / recovery / mental health blogger at adamfout.com and a speculative fiction / nonfiction writer. He has an M.A. in Professional and Technical Communication and is a regular contributor to Recovery Today Magazine (https://recoverytodaymagazine.com). He has been published in Flash Fiction Online, superstition [review], and J Journal, among others.

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