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When Thomas Jordan, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, came to us, he had a problem: he wanted to productize one of his unique service offerings, Half Retire, and needed a custom website with unique functionality to effectively market to a very distinct demographic.

He chose to work with Problem Solver Sites because he knew our deep knowledge of the business advising and exit planning industries would allow us to help him effectively position this new product.

The Challenge

Thomas’ existing website included several diverse offerings, making it challenging to carve out the Half Retire content for a new site.

Additionally, he needed an events calendar, conversion forms, a resource library, and a testimonial function integrated into the new website to enhance user engagement and credibility.

The Solution

We designed and built a custom home page that effectively showcased the Half Retire offering as a unique product separate from Thomas’ business.

We carefully reviewed Thomas’ content, pulling out what mattered most so that the new website would effectively speak to Thomas’ target audience while helping him meet his sales goals.

Custom Home Page Design and Build-Out

We designed a bespoke, visually compelling, and informative home page dedicated to Half Retire, capturing the essence of Thomas’s custom services and his unique offering.

Content Edit

We meticulously edited the Half Retire content to separate it from the existing website and rewrite it for the new website as a new product, ensuring a coherent and distinct online presence for Thomas’ offering that didn’t overlap with the rest of his products.

Specialized Functionality Development

We developed an events calendar, conversion forms, and a resource library for the website to increase leads and conversions while providing valuable resources to visitors. We added a powerful testimonial function to further strengthen the site’s credibility and trustworthiness.


What Thomas Had to Say

“I help business owners prepare for their eventual exit from their business. This preparation is highly customized. When I decided to productize one of my many service offerings I turned to Problem Solver Sites.

They have all the technical and creative experience you would expect. However, I hired them for their knowledge of the business advisor ecosystem and to best position my value proposition to my very distinct demographic.

Problem Solver Sites are real pros and very easy to work with. They have the attitude that the ball is always in their court, and the way they worked through my content was magnificent.”

—Thomas J Jordan, MSFS, CEPA, CVBA

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