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July 2016


Marketing Strategy and Analysis
Graphic Design
Pay-Per-Click Ad and Banner Design
Email Marketing
Content Creation and Optimization
SEO Suggestions and Optimization
Social Media Strategy
Customer Retention Strategy
Business Card Design
Ebook, Whitepaper, and Brochure Design

IT Marketing Website Suggestions

A small IT firm in the area recently transitioned from B2C computer repair to B2B IT. Marketing after such a dramatic shift can be difficult, so they wanted to pair with a partner who could help them make the most of their new position, to help them reach their new goals.

We put together a complete marketing analysis and strategy package for our client. Though they had been in their geographic area for a long time, the transition presented new challenges — namely, shifting lead generation activities to the new market and finding ways of bringing new B2B business in the door.

They needed help shifting their tactics, and they needed a strategy to drive the shift.

IT marketing package — brochure


Though the client had already updated their branding, changed their logo, and revamped their website, they needed help with content, both web and print, and help improving their PPC efforts to better target businesses (rather than consumers).

Additionally, they needed some help with SEO and SEM — keyword research, content optimization, graphic design, banners, microtext, and the addition of website infrastructure to ensure they had everything in place to make the largest impact possible.

Finally, they wanted to do all of this the right way — they wanted a marketing analysis and a strategy, a look at what they’re doing right, what they’re doing not-so-right, and how to optimize their processes, increase their lead generation, and ensure they do things right going forward.

Blue Steele Solutions to the rescue.

IT Marketing package — business card redesign


We began with a detailed marketing analysis, which then informed the marketing strategy that we built for the client.

We then put many of our suggestions directly into practice.

Here are just a few of the things we implemented:

  • Marketing analysis and strategy, implementation of strategy
  • Pay-Per-Click optimization
  • Graphic design for web and print materials
  • Optimization of micro- and macro-content on website, digital ads
  • Outline and implementation of referral strategy
  • Implementation of CRM
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Post-sales recommendations to increase social proof, reduce lost sales, increase upsells/cross sells
  • Content writing, including brochure content, website content, and email drip content
  • Documentation for referral strategy
  • Creation of print brochure, including content and graphic design, to support lead generation efforts
  • Graphic design and content creation of ebook and whitepaper templates
  • Graphic design and content creation for landing pages, as well as PPC ads that point to landing pages
  • Graphic design for business cards
IT Marketing package — ebook template


In the end, the client walked away with a comprehensive marketing strategy, a clear understanding of how to complete their transition to a B2B business, and a wide variety of assets to support their new marketing efforts.

If you’re in the B2B space, if your business focuses on enterprise IT (and marketing is giving you a headache), we’d love to help you come up with a unique strategy that will help you make the most of your resources — click the button to contact us now and get your project off the ground.

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