Perfect Finish Landscaping


January 2016


Logo Design
Website Design
Business Card Design
Letterhead Design
Style Guide Design


What started as two guys and some landscaping equipment morphed into Perfect Finish Landscaping, a multi-state landscaping company based in Denton. They had been growing for some time, adding employees, clients, services, products, and equipment month after month and year after year.

Unfortunately, their branding hadn’t been growing with them. It was time for a change (or rather, it was time to get some stuff in line that they’d needed for a while).

You see, like a lot of companies, they focused on growing their business and putting feet to pavement — they worked hard at what they knew best, and they grew their business into a beast. They chose a logo early on and went with it, and it worked for a while.

But the time had come to get a professional makeover. Once they decided to upgrade the logo, both print and digital marketing pieces had to change too. They needed everything from business cards and letterhead to a style guide, and even a website design.

They were ready for a change, and Blue Steele Solutions was there to help them turn the corner.


We began with the logo, which needed to be fresh, modern, and professional. Their old logo was a different style, and it was more suited to the type of business they had started as, rather than the type of business they had become.

We came up with something streamlined and subtle, something more suited to a the owners’ vision for the future of Perfect Finish Landscaping. We used a unique combination of colors and shapes to keep ties with the old business, which was strictly landscaping, while boldly rushing forward into the new business with its expanded suite of services.

With the logo in place, Perfect Finish Landscaping needed a style guide for the rest of their marketing based on the new logo, a simple document they could easily access as new marketing and branding pieces were created over time. So we built them a simple style guide that delineated both colors and typefaces.

With the building blocks in place, the rest of the branding package could follow a straightforward process. We designed both business cards and letterhead that featured the new image in a hushed, subdued manner, allowing the power of the logo to speak for itself.

Finally, we created a modern design for their website’s homepage, something that reflected the new subtle professionalism they wished their brand to portray. We packaged this design neatly and sent it to them, to be implemented at their convenience.


Perfect Finish Landscaping was able to walk away with a timeless logo and expansive branding package filled with digital and print masterpieces alike. They’re able to march confidently into the future of their business, assured that their branding will march with them.

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