Custom Website
& Logo Design

Baker Lewis SBA Recruiting


The Problem

The team at Baker Lewis needed a logo and website that clearly differentiated them from other recruiters in the SBA Loan space.


Our Solution

The Baker Lewis recruiting firm is all about putting the right people in the right seats. As recruiters specializing in the SBA Loan market, they wanted a logo and website design that differentiated them from the typical stuffy, boring, cookie-cutter recruiting firms.


Logo Design

We started with a custom logo design.

The Baker Lewis team needed a logo that stood out from their competitors and conveyed their personable but professional approach to recruiting.

The clients shared their favorite "green chair" photo with us. It quickly became the focal point of their branding. We created a logo that represents their commitment to carefully placing candidates in the right seats playing off of the green chair.


Website Design

When the logo was complete, we went on to tackle their website. We helped them craft the right messaging through a series of content consultations, then designed a truly unique website.

The site features their beloved green chair in photos throughout the pages. We incorporated a number of unique layouts to represent their processes, testimonials, and job openings.

The result is a recruiting website like no other. It clearly states the problems they solve for their clients and positions them as a unique recruiter in their market.

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