August 2014


Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Development


Junk-A-Haulics had a problem — their website was outdated. Like many small businesses, they hadn’t quite been sure that the business would take off at first, but take off it did!

Pretty soon, they had a client list a mile long, and even critical tasks like branding and marketing had to be pushed to the side so that new clients could be taken on.

Which meant that the website got pushed to the wayside. Though they were eventually able to get a website running, they finally decided it was time to push their website into the modern era.


We really wanted Junk-A-Haulics to love their new website, so we came up with a new, sleek, modern design that we thought they would just adore.

We started with colors, grabbing the basics from their logo and spinning it throughout the design. We replicated the fonts from the logo in the headings (while still keeping things legible) to give the same look and feel across their branding.

We did the same with the icons on their website, trying to convey the same fun, simple feeling found in the logo across the entirety of the homepage.

It was really important to our clients that they have modern fixtures of websites on their website, things like a large hero image prominently featured on the homepage and scrolling icons displaying the items they do and do not take. We implemented all this and more with a few plugins.

And we made sure all of this was responsive, that the website looked great on mobile, tablet, and, of course, desktop. Since all our websites are built responsive from the ground up, this was a straightforward task.

Because the website was built in WordPress, it was easy to hand over to Junk-A-Haulics to implement themselves once they were ready for the site to go live. Junk-A-Haulics was able to walk away from the project with all the files they need to launch their website at a time of their choosing.

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