Paragon Healthcare


December 2014


Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Development



Paragon Healthcare is a market-leading specialty infusion provider, but their website wasn’t leading much of anything.

Their website was aging, and as they had grown over the years, it became more and more apparent that the website, which had carried them so far and really pulled its weight for a while, couldn’t carry them any farther.

The problem was this: Their website was originally created as part of a minimum-viable-marketing effort. They just needed something in place, once upon a time, to show the world that they existed and help customers and providers easily find contact info.

But Paragon had grown over time, and that growth meant the needs of their customers had changed. Providers needed a way to access a suite of services, order products, and participate in trials, customers needed a way to request appointments and fill out forms, and everyone needed a way to access and research the various services and products provided.

It was time for an upgrade.

They needed some digital marketing help and they needed it fast. It was time to take their website into the 21st century, to match the incredible, innovative work they do every day with an incredible website.


A website is what they wanted. A website is what they got (and then some).

We build all our websites in WordPress on the Genesis framework, and WordPress’ plugin system is built for nothing if not for infinite functionality.

From the ability to download and submit forms to the ability to contact support or make an appointment, we were able to add it all.

Because we used the Genesis framework, the website was built from the ground up to be responsive, meaning both customers and providers alike are able to access the website from their mobile devices while on the go.

With the structure in place, it was time to dress up the website just the way Paragon wanted! We took our cues from their logo, using light and dark oranges for backgrounds, headings, hover effects, and other design elements.

We also found a simple, readable font that closely matched the font of their logo and used it throughout for headings and menu items.


The result was a beautiful website that pleased its owners and their customers alike. Paragon Healthcare was able to walk away with a powerful website that will support them (and their clients) for years to come.

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