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December 2013


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Not only is she an amazing client who works hard in her business, but she also spends her free time helping homeless pets find forever homes. Pairing a solid work ethic with a heart of gold, Beth is one of those people who restores your faith in humanity.

And we count her as one of our very dear friends.

Unfortunately, when it came to her website, Beth had a problem.


Beth was introduced to us in December of 2013. She was frustrated with her website and her web developer, who continually put walls in front of her goals. She needed a custom website, she needed it quickly, and she needed to get to the top of the SERPs where she belonged.

She also needed her website to be modern and fast, to load quickly and complete a variety of functions. It needed to be mobile responsive, it needed to be beautiful and engaging, and it needed to highlight, simply and effectively, the incredible work that her auto glass team does day in and day out.

She knew she wanted to build something in WordPress, but her old developer was filling her ears full of nonsense. She heard crazy things like, “WordPress can’t do that,” or "You don't really need that functionality" at every turn.

After 4 years of struggling to show up in the search results, fighting a rigid developer, and raging at her website's lack of mobile responsiveness, Beth was ready for a change.


We knew Beth already had years of time spent spinning her wheels—so we approved the project with an aggressive 45-day turnaround. We let her know that simply restructuring her website was unlikely to give her a giant boost on the SERPs—However, we knew that she should be ranking, and that it was likely fixing her infrastructure issues would give the Googles what they wanted.

We took the essence of the Adventure Auto brand and infused it into the website design, drawing from the logo and brand already delineated to create something unique. Then, we tore down the walls the previous developer erected and gave her the structure and functionality she needed to succeed.

We also chose a theme that was mobile responsive, well-supported, and simple to manage. Because Beth wanted to manage her website on her own, we gave her the tools she needed (along with training from our developer Frank) to run the website herself.

In a matter of weeks, Beth’s hard work and strategic plan were finally paying off. She had the technical structure she needed, and her site was quickly moving to page 1 for her most important search terms.

And after all that, a friendship was born. Beth is a self-taught social media marketer (and really, a digital marketer extraordinaire), and she's come on our show, the Brown Bag Business Chat, numerous times.

You can watch one of our chats here:

Watch Beth's Chat

Or, just read Beth's review of our work — I think you'll learn a lot from her experience:

read beth's story

We built a website for an autoglass company, Adventure Autoglass

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