Your Facebook Ad Campaign Planning Worksheet V1

Better Facebook Ads, Better Results

Facebook ads are a struggle.

What do I write?

How much should I spend?

Who should I target?

Wipe away the confusion. Get clear directions on how to write Facebook Ads that rock, all embedded in a template that lets you plan as many ads as you need across an infinite number of campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Guide — An Extendable Facebook Ad Campaign Template

The Facebook Ad Campaign Template:

  • Access as an easy-to-use Google Sheets template
  • Can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV
  • Includes instructions and tips on
    • What images to pick
    • How to plan an audience
    • How to set a budget

Out of the box, you'll have space to plan 5 week’s worth of Facebook ads for 5 different campaigns, but you can copy the tabs and the sections and duplicate them as many times as you want.

Take A Look Inside the Facebook Ads Guide