Why Blogging Still Works in 2022


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So many people will tell you that blogging is dead.

It’s just not true.

In 2022, blogging is probably more important than ever before.

Among the ranking signals for local search engine optimization (SEO), content is near the top.

You need to be producing content regularly, and that doesn’t mean just adding random pages to your website for no reason.

It means creating content that your customers are going to find useful and valuable.

There are a few reasons you want to do this.

Google wants you to do it

Google and other search engines have repeatedly said that creating regular content is important for local businesses if they want to show up on search engine results.

Everyone wants to rank on Google, right?

This is one of the ways you do that.

Blogging can bring traffic to your website

When you blog, Google looks at each blog post and decides whether or not to show that post to people for the topic you’re writing about.

If you’re creating blog posts in your industry, you’re giving yourself another way of showing up on Google.

Each blog post has the chance to show up to customers who are researching your industry.

When they see your blog post, they click, and now you’ve got them on your website.

It’s now possible for them to turn into a lead, or even a sale.

If you’re not creating new content on your website, you have to use other methods to get people to visit, like paid ads.

Which isn’t as simple as just opening an account and making a few ads — it takes experience and quite a bit of time to do it right.

Blogging can be more cost-effective, because once your posts start ranking on Google for the topics you’re writing about, the traffic they generate isn’t going to go away like it does when you stop paying for ads.

You’ll have a consistent source of traffic without having to pour more money into it month after month like you have to with paid ads.

Blogging gives you credibility within your industry

For small businesses, it can be tough to find ways to show your customers that you’re an expert.

But being an expert in their eyes is critical to making a sale.

Blogging gives you the credibility your customers are looking for.

When they read your blog posts, whether they got to them through Google or directly from your website, they’ll see that you know what you’re talking about.

That builds trust.

They’ll be more likely to make a purchase from you.

They’ll feel more comfortable making that purchase.

And as for others in your industry?

They’ll be more likely to refer customers to you.

Because they’ll see you as the expert that can help their customers get what they need.

Blog posts give you content to share on social media

Finally, blog posts are more than just content for Google and searchers.

They’re great for sharing on social media.

Without blog posts to share, you basically have two options on social media.

You either share other people’s content.

Or you share other types of content, like videos or posts just written for social media.

The problem with that is you are just going to get traffic to either other people’s websites or to the social media posts themselves.

And not to your website.

Sure, you can use sites like Instagram and TikTok to grow your brand’s presence.

But what you really want is that sweet, sweet traffic to your website.

Otherwise, converting those social media posts into leads and sales can be tough at best.

So yeah, blogging in 2022 is absolutely worth the time and effort.

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Heather Steele

After almost a decade of marketing in a corporate setting, she tired of being a corporate cog and decided to go it alone, bootstrapping a business based on one simple principle:   Partnership.   Follow her on Twitter @heathersteele03, LinkedIn, or our blog to learn how to turn your business into a beast.

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