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Two elevators with a purple gradient overlaid. Writing an elevator pitch is tough, but if you follow these guidelines, you'll end up with an elevator pitch that rocks.

How To Write an Elevator Pitch You’ll Actually Want to Share

10 Marketing Lessons From Apple — a stylized flat design image of steve jobs next to the text "10 marketing lessons from apple"

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple (in Fancy Infographic Form)

Brand design and brand identity start at the drawing board, like the pen and paper and ink pictured here, but they end in the minds of your customers.

The Complete Guide to Brand Identity and Brand Design


How to Give Design Feedback That Actually Improves Your Website or Graphic Design Project — 6 Simple Steps

The pen tool icon from Illustrator with a vector line being curved — there are many different programs you can you use for logo design: Here are our tips on how to work with a professional designer.

Killer Logo Design — 7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Logo Your Business Needs

A pair of sheets are displayed on a page with a blue gradient background. The sheets portray the rules of graphic design, which are as important to branding as anything else and can set you apart from other competitors.

10 Graphic Design Rules You Should Never Break

Brand Yourself — Outline of a person's head, brackets for coding, WordPress logo, briefcase

Brand Yourself — Personal Branding for Business Owners

When it comes to the age-old battle, vector vs raster, the truth is that neither wins — the type of file you choose depends on your needs — six orange desktop file icons with different file type names arranged in two rows of three

Vector vs Raster: What File Type is Right for Your Project?

Orange pen in a sketchy outlined box. A logo redesign can breathe new life into your business, but is it worth it? Learn more about how to know when to update your logo.

Logo Redesign — 3 Scenarios Where You’re Probably Going to Have to Update Your Logo

A man writes on a notebook trying to find the perfect font for his brand style guide. This is one of the many aspects of a brand style guide and is a crucial component of a marketing plan.

A Simple Brand Style Guide — 3 Examples of Easy-To-Use Brand Style Guides