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Going shopping for my son’s birthday is always a nice reality check—he’s nine today, but he will love his balloons more than he’d love an Xbox.

He will love the “baby” books my grandmother bought him more than he’d love a bicycle.

He loves things that aren’t what I ever expected my nine-year-old son to love.

Over the years, I’ve had to learn to adjust from what I think he’ll like or need to what he shows me he wants.

We all do this, don’t we?

We assume we know what people want or need based on completely impersonal things like their gender, their age, where they live, or even their income level. 

In the marketing world, we create personas to capture these demographics so that we know how to better appeal to them. 

But our customers and prospects are more than just data points.

They are dynamic human beings with their own unique stories tell.

Their interactions with our brands, products, and services are part of those stories. 

If we’re only thinking about demographics, how much are we overlooking? Are we buying an Xbox when what they really want are balloons?

This problem has bugged me for a long time, and for the past few months, we’ve been doing something a little different to help our clients understand their customers in a more holistic way. 

What We’re Doing About It

Instead of creating ideal audience or customer personas full of data and demographics, we’re writing Customer Transformation Stories.

These narratives start waaay back at the moment the customer realized they had a problem.

Sometimes this is months or even years before the product or service we’re selling comes into the picture. 

The story follows the customer’s journey toward addressing their problem, finding the product or service they need, and using it to be successful.

The kicker? We examine what it will take to get them to share their story with others. 

These Customer Transformation Stories shine a light on exactly what customers need to move from problem to success more quickly (and with better outcomes).

It shows us exactly what pieces we need to create to help them discover, convert, succeed, and share. 

It helps us understand why they want the balloons, and not the Xbox.

The stories then become a framework our clients can use to understand the needs and wants of each prospect and customer (and to better serve them individually).

There’s no rocket science to this—you can interview your customers, think about their full journey, and start creating your own transformation stories. 

But if you’re a bit busy, you know, running your business, and you’re just ready to get your marketing and branding on track with a team of seasoned experts, we hope you’ll let us know.


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