We’re Doing A Marketing Strategy Series and Debuting a New eBook — Excited?

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So back in February, we did a series of marketing strategy workshops (focused on websites) at the Denton Public Library North Branch.

We had so much fun, we figured we’d do it again.

And this time, the library is providing lunch (‘cause, you know, they’re awesome like that).

This time, we’re tossin’ the website to the side (kinda, sorta) and teaching YOU how to analyze your marketing and your business, search for opportunities and issues, and then leverage that information into a marketing strategy for the future.

And we’re doing it all over a 3-week period.

It kinda looks like this: Analyze —> Strategize —> Set Goals —> Act.

Sign up here:

Oh, and we’ve got something special hidden up our sleeve for this one.

We’re debuting our brand new marketing ebook—Analyze Your Marketing: 12 Steps to a Clear Strategy.

Here’s a preview of the cover. Fancy, right?

Analyze Your Marketing: 12 Steps to a Clear Marketing Strategy, image of computer with magnifying glass over a bar graph.

This ebook walks you through basically the same process that we use to analyze marketing for our clients — it’s just the DIY version.

We’ll release it online eventually (ok, probably right after the presentation series), but for those first 3 weeks, only participants in the marketing series get to see it.

Super fancy, super exclusive.

Join Us October 14th at the Denton Public Library North Branch

This shindig is taking place at the same place and (relative) time as the last presentation series.

Each presentation will last 2 hours, will include a free lunch courtesy of the Denton Public Library, and will walk you through a portion of the marketing strategy, analysis, and goal-setting process.

Here are the deets:

  • October 14th, 11am-1pm—Part 1: Marketing Analysis “Evaluate”
  • October 21st, 11am-1pm—Part 2: Marketing Strategy “Strategize”
  • October 28th, 11am-1pm—Part 3: Marketing Goals “Act”

Simple, right?

The whole point of this series is to get you on track with your marketing. The idea is that you’ll analyze everything you’re doing marketing wise, create a strategy, and then come up with some clear goals, along with some specific tactics to reach said goals.

We’ll be there to show you how, but you’ll be putting in a lot of the grunt work yourself.

We point the way, you do the walkin’.

But it won’t just be us showing you what to do (well, it will, sort of… in a proxy sort of way)—the ebook is going to show you a lot of what you need to do.

In fact, you’re going to have to do some homework in between each session—but don’t worry, we’ll explain all that on the first session.

Sound fair?


To learn more about the series or just, you know, sign up, go to bss.tips/zerotoawesome and fill out the signup form.

It’ll be awesome, you’ll love it, your business will benefit, just do it.

See ya there.

Adam Fout

Adam might be a little crazy, but we love him anyway.   Weaving beautiful paragraph-baskets into blog posts ain’t easy, but we couldn’t think of a better job for a recovering tech writer.   Follow him on Twitter @adamfout2, LinkedIn, Facebook, or our blog if you like valuable information accompanied by snarky simplifications of complex subjects. If you're feeling adventurous, check out Adam's fiction and poetry on his author website at adamfout.com

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