When CTC came to us, they needed a little help.

Their business is fairly unique — there aren’t a lot of companies out there that specialize in railroad crossing products.

Fortunately for them, we specialize in unique ????


CTC, Inc.


March 2015


Website Design & Development

The Problem

CTC doesn't have your average audience — local governments are more likely to visit their website than someone surfing on Pinterest.

Because of the unique nature of their business, they have only a handful of competitors, which means they really need to set themselves apart (or all the work goes to the competition and stays there).

Fortunately, there was an opportunity to do just that — all of CTC's competitors have outdated websites, andby creating a new, fresh, modern website, CTC could easily differentiate themselves from the competition.

The Hovering Menus and The Homepage

Unfortunately, CTC had an outdated website, and they knew it. They wanted hovering menus that were crisp and clean, something that would look beautiful on both a website and a smartphone.

They also had a lot of incredible content on the homepage that we knew needed to go above the fold.

The homepage itself also needed to be interactive — they wanted people to feel comfortable on the site, to be able to easily find the information they needed, and to feel the authority of CTC in this industry.


We gave them a homepage that was dynamic, that reflected the modern, technological spirit of the CTC brand, and that kept their killer content above the fold.

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