Becoming Branding Beasts—Big Changes at Blue Steele Solutions

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Having trouble building awesome relationships with the clients you really want to work with?

A lot of businesses are struggling in that department…

Becoming Branding Beasts—a number of items, including a pennant, a folded T-shirt, and a book, are laid out on a wooden table. The photo has a dark blue to aqua gradient.

I’ll let you in on a secret…

The problem isn’t your organic search results or your latest ad offer…

It’s probably a lack of attention to your brand.

Nothing holds a business back like a lack of branding.

Consistent branding and clear messaging is what you need to show your ideal customers what you believe in and how you can solve their problems.

Effective branding leaves them dying to know more about you.

And branding is what we’re all about these days.

The Big Shift at Blue Steele Solutions

2019 has been a year of changes already for us at Blue Steele Solutions.

Fueled by tacos and coffee, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and gotten serious about what we friggin’ love.

You guessed it: working with our clients to develop amazing brands that move the needle and create engagement.

We’re passionate about what branding can do for you.

I’ll try to be modest—we were an awesome do-it-all marketing firm that produced great results for our clients.


Doing it all meant we couldn’t focus on what really fires us up, where our true talent lies, and how we apply all of that to our true mission—making our clients shine.

We’ve transformed into a killer branding agency.

We guide clients through a growth process that results in a momentum-building chain reaction—sharper clarity of your overall purpose sparks unified messaging, which then fuels more effective relationships with passionate, devoted customers. Those customers return for more and tell their friends about it, and the friends become your fans, too.

Why Branding Beats Marketing All Day Long

Here’s what that shift from marketing to branding means:

A full-service marketing firm is mostly concerned with the “how” of delivering information to clients. They dive into the tactics behind individual campaigns, ads, and other tools.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll repeat it for the folks in the back:

The surest way to get more bang for your marketing buck is to clarify the meat of your brand—your initial message.

Before we get started on how to deliver ideas to an audience of potential customers, we’re going to help you get a firm grasp on your company’s identity and your overall message so that every communication introduces or reinforces:

  • Why you do what you do—your purpose and passion
  • Who you’re trying to reach—your ideal customers
  • What problems you help those ideal customers solve

From that starting point, the tactics we develop for delivering the message—the marketing tools—work together in a unified effort to increase the strength of your brand and develop a fantatical customer base that keeps bringing their business back.

Those fanatics tell their friends about your business—bada bing, bada boom, your brand takes up space in their head, and you’re the first one they come to when you have a problem that needs solvin’.

Sit Down With the Branding Beasts

Too many businesses are pouring buckets of money into ads, SEO (search engine optimization), and social media marketing but coming up disappointed.

They can’t deliver substantial results unless the message they carry is clear and addresses the problems you solve for your customers.

If you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of who you are as a business and start developing meaningful relationships with your ideal customers…

You need kickass brand development.

That’s what we do best.

We’ll consult with you on your branding, searching for holes in your strategy and messaging that separate you from being as awesome as you know you can be.

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