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Posts by Heather Steele

Their Content Changed My Mind

Pictured is a smiling woman working at a laptop computer at table surrounded by four chairs. She is in a cafe, working on content and branding for her business.

About a year ago we had a potluck at my office, and the organizer used a service called Perfect Potluck to organize what everyone would bring. (I’m sorry—this post isn’t about food… I know, I’m disappointed, too.) When I first saw the Perfect Potluck website and branding, I wasn’t impressed. There was a strawberry in the logo,…

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Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Last week I met up with a colleague who mentioned he might have a good referral for me. As we were talking, he grabbed his computer, pulled up our website, and started going through our portfolio to find some samples of our work he could send along with an intro. I’m not gonna lie—I was…

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Educating Your Customers—The Customer IEP

Two women are sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer, discussing a customer IEP. The photo appears in green and black.

Educating your customers on a wide variety of issues—from the problems they’re having that your business solves to how to get the most out of your products/services and more—is the key to a strong, long-lasting relationship. What you need—what you really need—is an individualized plan to educate every market segment you’re targeting. A customer IEP…

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Marketing with Clarity & Confidence: Visual Brand

The visual components of your brand — your logo, your fonts, your colors — are the first things potential customers notice. Before they’ve even had a moment to think a single thought about your brand, they’ve already formed an unconscious impression based on these simple elements. But when your branding isn’t being applied everywhere, or…

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Marketing with Clarity & Confidence: Budget and ROI

Marketing With Clarity and Confidence — Setting a Marketing Budget

What’s the ROI of your marketing? Is it really worth your time? Know the true cost of your marketing. What’s the time you’re investing really worth, and what’s the lost opportunity when you focus on learning a new skill instead of working on your business? Learn how to set a marketing budget that’s reasonable, that’s based…

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Storytelling and Content Marketing — Webinar

Storytelling starts on paper, like the man writing in the picture above, but ends in the mind of your audience.

Storytelling and content marketing go hand in hand in today’s content saturated landscape. In this hour-and-a-half-long webinar, we discussed a wide variety of topics — here are the highlights: Tell your story and start with why Match that “why” — the reason your business/nonprofit was started — with how you help your customer Consider customer needs…

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