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& Logo Design

The Real Thinking Parent


The Problem

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Jessica Bowers, wanted to make a difference for parents of children with autism, ADHD, and behavior challenges. She started to share insights and science-backed strategies to help families thrive. She came to us for with help with branding and creating a website that makes it easy for parents to find the resources that are right for them.


Our Solution

We started with a logo design that both represents the science behind Jessica's strategies and advice and also conveys playfulness and fun. Then we created a custom website with easy-to-use navigation based on child's age and diagnosis.

Logo Design

This logo had some big shoes to fill. It needed to clearly represent the science-based approaches Jessica teaches while still feeling friendly to parents. We incorporated a "thinking" icon and created several layout options to accommodate various applications.

Real Thinking Parent Logo Mockup-01

Website Design

The top priorities for this website design were ease of navigation and ensuring the design maintained a fun, playful feel.

We incorporated a colorful bubble element throughout, even using circular buttons for article navigation. We also used a very colorful palette with vivid shades to create a compelling aesthetic.

The content on the website is categorized by age and diagnosis, and the navigation buttons make it easy to jump to the content most relevant to each visitor.

We also integrated the website with their email marketing system, passing appropriate tags based on user activity to trigger appropriate automations.

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