Waypoint Behavioral Health Solutions


June 2016


Website Design
Responsive Website Development
Logo Creation





Waypoint is a unique kind of place. They specialize in helping children with a variety of behavioral disorders, drawing on the personal experience of the founders (whose own son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder) to create personalized behavioral health solutions for families in Denton County and North Texas.

Passion drives them, and they were ready to take their branding and their business to the World Wide Web. They had the concept, some sketches, even the content ready to go.

They just needed some experts to help them turn their ideas into reality. We couldn’t wait to help!



We started with the logo as a touchpoint for the branding. We wanted to help Waypoint turn their initial sketches into reality while still retaining their unique passion throughout.

The logo speaks to parents and families who feel lost when trying to deal with behavioral issues that are beyond their experience and control.

It shows them that there’s a guide, that they don’t have to go it alone, that they can find help and direction from the experienced people at Waypoint. By bringing the logo to life, we were able to help Waypoint feel like some real weight was finally behind the brand.

The map pin itself was a significant element they wanted to emphasize. The idea behind the pin is that Waypoint comes to you, finding you and then pointing you in the right direction.

Once the logo was firmly in place, we drew out a color scheme, a set of design elements and shapes, and a font set that represented the gravitas behind Waypoint's mission.

We used all this to create the website, featuring the logo prominently and using design elements throughout.

They knew they wanted a simple, clean design, so we provided a variety of initial mockups to help guide Waypoint, to ensure the logo they ultimately received best represented their brand.

Instead of a traditional slider or images on the website, we felt some simple designs incorporating certain elements from the logo would be more effective.

We had them put together some minimal viable content to drive the design, and then we got to work.

A New Website, a New Logo, and a Fresh Web Presence

At the end of the day, Waypoint was able to walk away with a whole suite of branding elements to help them make marketing decisions in the future. They have a powerful WordPress website, a fresh logo, and a fantastic new face to show their clients in Denton County.

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