We love Five Star Ortho, really we do, but their website was a hot mess by the time we got to it.

This was no surprise to them—they knew for a while that they needed to update their website.

They had a few major problems.

5 Star Ortho


Five Star Orthodontic Laboratory & Supply


January 2016




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Website Development


Because their website was so content heavy, with many different downloadables, they knew a redesign would be a massive job.

Even we were blown away by how much content they had created and posted throughout the site—it had grown impressively over the years as Five Star expanded their business, and consequently, it had become disorganized.

They had also built their site long before the mobile revolution, so making the new site mobile responsive was high on their list (little did they know, we make all our sites responsive ???? )

Another problem was that their target audience had changed since they first built their website, and their old website wasn’t really targeting their current customer base.

Something had to be done.

So, they came to the experts.


The Build

We developed the site in WordPress on the Genesis framework (as we do all our websites), and we used a mobile-responsive design, which is industry standard at this point.

The site not only looks great on mobile, but it’s also simple to navigate. Most websites have around 50% of their traffic coming from mobile, no matter the product or service they provide, so making the website mobile responsive was not even a question.




While Five Star Ortho had a wealth of content for us to use on their website, it was up to us to organize said content in a way that made sense.

As we always do, with the audience problem, knowing that everything else would follow—a beautiful website targeting the wrong people is wouldn’t be much use to Five Star Ortho.

We created a homepage that explained clearly what Five Star Ortho does and who they do it for, with images that speak directly to their target audience.


Finding a way to make this site easily navigable was a challenge—a lot of the content had to be rearranged.

The old site had many duplicate links, and content was stored in multiple places, so we created a repository for all product images and descriptions and removed duplicates.

The main product pages also had no images—you had to click into each product, which made browsing a time-consuming process.

To make the browsing process more intuitive, we changed the product pages to include an image of every product, with drop down menus for descriptions.

The resulting menu has fewer items and is simpler to navigate—you can see it here:



Five Star Ortho walked away with a clean, simple website that showcases their products and makes navigation a breeze. Their target audience now has a much easier time identifying with the website and finding the precise product they’re looking for—and they can even do it on mobile!

If you’ve got a gracefully aging website that needs a boost into The Age of Mobile, click the button to contact us about website redesign pricing.

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