Customer Centric Language Worksheet V1

A Website (and Content) That Gets Results

Is your website so persuasive it moves customers to action?

Is it getting you the leads and sales you need?

If you're here, my guess is...

Probably not.

The Customer Centric Language Worksheet is designed to help you write content that gets results, that moves customers to action.

The 8 Steps To Planning a High-ROI Website ebook will show you how to create a website that wows customers, generates leads, and gets sales.

Learn to Write Website Content That Generates Leads and Sales

When your website content is all about you, all about your company, customers tend to get bored.

Bored customers don't buy things.

The Customer Centric Language Worksheet will teach you, in a simple, step-by-step process, how to go from:

God DANG this is boring...


How have I lived this long without these awesome people in my life!?

Learn how to:

  • Write persuasive, compelling content that inspires readers to reach out, fill out contact forms, and make purchases
  • Understand what makes compelling content so compelling
  • Connect with your customers and turn them into raving fans using only the words on a page
  • Create more-effective content for all your other marketing efforts

Download the worksheet and start connecting with your customers now.

Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine

8 Steps to Planning a High ROI Website will show you how to make your website into the ultimate sales machine.

Most websites sit around and do nothing for their business — even the ones that bring in a few leads often could be doing a lot better.

You'll learn how to:

  • Write (or rewrite) content that moves unsure customers to take action, to become a lead or to make a purchase
  • Make branding and website design choices that support your business goals
  • Remove design, content, and organization barriers that keep your customers from taking the action you need them to take

Download the ebook to find out precisely how to take your website from meh...

To Wow!

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Customer Centric Language Worksheet V1