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Kickass Customer Personas — Premium Template

There’s one huge difference between businesses and marketers who kick butt and take names...

And those who can’t figure out why they’re barely scraping by:

Market segmentation.

Want Marketing That Works? Ask the Right Questions

The right questions make all the difference.

The Customer Persona Template leads you, step by step, through the process of:

  • Segmenting your audience into clear groups
  • Defining the needs and desires of those groups
  • Developing content that will appeal to those groups and drive them to click and buy

You'll walk away with real insights into how to move your potential customers to take the actions that directly benefit your business' bottom line.

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

Once you've carved up your audience into clear segments, you can identify the most valuable members and start creating personalized, targeted marketing messages that are much more effective (and efficient) than the generalized messages most businesses create.

With the wrong questions, you can end up with poorly defined segments (or worse, with incorrectly defined segments), which means you end up with marketing messages that are ineffective (or that bring the wrong people to your door).

You waste time and money on useless marketing, you waste time and money on prospects who aren’t the right fit for you (and aren’t very valuable)…

But worse than that, you waste the money you could have made if your marketing was working as it should have been.

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2018 Ebook Covers V4_8 V4