Customer-Centric Language Worksheet



Writing for the web is tough, but it’s one of the most critical new skills of the modern era for any business owner or marketer who wants to have even a tiny chance in the online marketplace.

The Customer Centric Language Worksheet is designed to help you write content that’s about your customers, and not about you. It’s a simple template that helps you create customer-centric language that you can use on your website or your other marketing materials — even print!

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Writing for the Web — It’s Not as Simple as It Looks

If your customers aren’t connecting with you, maybe it’s something you said.

Call me crazy, but your customers probably don’t care a whole lot about your company — they care about their problem and how you might be able to help them solve it.

So they come to your website, only to be greeted by an incredible amount of language centered on the company.

They find little about them — the customer (you know, the person your business exists to serve? Yeah, that one).

When your customer can’t find what they’re looking for, when the website is all about the company, they get bored.

And they leave.

This worksheet will help you keep them on the page. It shows you how to write content that your customer will connect with. And that’s the real trick to web writing — creating content that connects to your customers in a deep way, but doing so in a manner that hits them quickly.

After all, you’re writing online — which means that people can click away at any moment. If your writing isn’t intently focused on them and their needs, you lose them.

Bonus — the lessons here aren’t just for your website. Print materials will benefit too.

Download the worksheet and start connecting with your customers (instead of boring them).

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