How to Create Mind-Blowing, Rich Social Snippets, Like Twitter Cards (Infographic)


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Do you want to win your customers’ hearts and minds through visual content?

Then you definitely need to start using rich social snippets (also known as social cards, of which Twitter Cards are the most well known) in your marketing campaigns.

The reason is simple:

Rich social snippets are awesome, are enticing to customers, garner clicks left and right, and most importantly…

They just work.

Rich Social Snippets Get More Interaction Than the Average Social Media Post

Rich social snippets, also known as social cards, consist of an image and descriptive text, but unlike ordinary image posts that simply expand when clicked, social cards send users directly to your chosen landing page.

This is why rich social snippets are so effective at increasing engagement rates and driving more traffic from social media platforms.

Here are just a few amazing stats from our infographic below about how effective Twitter Cards and other types of rich social snippets really can be.

  1. A Facebook study reports that Tumblr managed to increase referral traffic from Facebook by more than 250% after implementing rich social snippets
  2. A Twitter case study found that the UK-based mobile phone company Three saw a 26% higher engagement rate and a 64% increase in clicks when using rich social snippets (Twitter Cards)

As useful as rich social snippets are, creating them can be both challenging and time-consuming for less-experienced website owners.

Fortunately, with the help of the free online tool, you can create an unlimited number of social cards in seconds, linking to any web page of your choice and using any image you like.

This infographic was originally posted here, but you can check it out in its entirety now.

And if you have any questions about Twitter Cards or rich social snippets generally, feel free to comment below!

This infographic dives deep into the possibilities of rich social snippets and how you can use them to get more traffic to your website and more interaction with your social media posts.

Learn more about how to make rich snippets work for you — check out the comprehensive guide we wrote here.

Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips is Managing Director of The Website Group, a UK-based Digital Agency specializing in pay-monthly business web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing.

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