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A person is using their thumb to navigate the Instagram app on a smartphone. Tips for using IGTV are available in this post.

Learn to Use (And Dominate) Instagram TV

A closeup of a variety of social media apps on a smart device — social media tools are critical for businesses and social media managers who want to juggle the plethora of social media apps available in the modern age.

The 13 Best Social Media Tools (For Beginners and Pros)

Doing a Facebook page audit will help you figure out who your target audience is and what your goals are. From small brands to big brands, this is the first step to having an effective Facebook strategy.

The Complete Facebook Page Audit — 90+ Point Checklist to Evaluate Your Facebook Page

When it comes to social media, engagement is far more important than pumping up your follower count. This image of a computer screen with various social media icons surrounding it reminds us that creating connections is what social media is really all about.

When It Comes to Social Media, Double Down on Engagement (And Forget Follower Counts)

Rich social media snippets can improve website traffic and social media engagement — and they're simple to set up, just as promised in this image from with someone creating a social media card on their computer.

How to Create Mind-Blowing, Rich Social Snippets, Like Twitter Cards (Infographic)

business-to-business advertising — two people talking

Stop Whining and Embrace Social Media for Business


Social Media Lead Generation — Generate Leads through Social Media with Robert Nissenbaum of Tactical Social Media


Facebook Ad Planner — Why You Need It (and a Template to Plan it Out)


How to Create a LinkedIn Profile that Blows People Away (with Debra Jason)


Instagram for Small Business — Instagramin’ With the Best of Them