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7 Clever Customer Retention Strategies That Utilize Content Marketing

Pie chart cut into sections (also, maybe Pac Man eating a few wedges of cheese) — One basic principle of marketing is to know your audience inside and out and then to segment that audience, much as this pie chart has been segmented.

A Basic Principle of Marketing so Foundational Most Advanced Marketers Rarely Discuss It

The pen tool icon from Illustrator with a vector line being curved — there are many different programs you can you use for logo design: Here are our tips on how to work with a professional designer.

Killer Logo Design — 7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Logo Your Business Needs


How to Write Content for a Website — The Huge Mistake You're Probably Making

Two gears — when we talk about how to write SMART goals, it's often like talking about these two gears: If even one part is off, the whole system breaks.

How to Write SMART Goals That Actually Work by Following One Simple Principle