Great Service – What’s So Hard About That?


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At work right now there’s a  huge push to improve our level of customer service. The goal – provide a WOW experience to every person, internal and external, we work with.

It’d be nice if you could just train people to provide great service. If there was just some half day training everyone could attend, or even a series of workshops – sure to turn even the most crotchety of folks into “service with a smile” types.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. The knack for going the extra mile is one that’s hard to learn.

I’ve been working with a Drawloop over the past 2 months to implement an electronic document that feeds data to our Salesforce account. We pushed the envelope a little more than we realized with the project and ended up taking up quite a few more hours than anyone originally thought. Our contact over there, Caitlin, has been absolutely wonderful through the whole process.

She understands how important it is to understand our needs and foresee troubles we may run into down the road. She’s also always prompt and thorough with her responses to us. Her great level of service has gone a long way toward convincing me that Drawloop is a company worth working with and recommending in the future.

No level of training or protocol can create that for your business. Those things help streamline the experience and foster of a culture of good service, but it has to start with a group of people who are just plain good at it.

Heather Steele

After almost a decade of marketing in a corporate setting, she tired of being a corporate cog and decided to go it alone, bootstrapping a business based on one simple principle:   Partnership.   Follow her on Twitter @heathersteele03, LinkedIn, or our blog to learn how to turn your business into a beast.

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