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September 2014



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In partnership with one of our favorite SEO (search engine optimization) companies of all time, Pam Ann Marketing, we helped TCT to raise traffic to their website by huge percentages over the past few years.

The incredible research and suggestions by Pam Ann, paired with our content creation and strategy, paved the way for TCT to bring in some really incredible traffic to their website.



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Increase in Yearly Traffic


Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT) needed a website, they needed it fast, and they needed it to do something just a little bit different from what their competition was doing.

Ok, maybe a lot different.

So they called us up. They said, "We're ready to take our marketing to the next level, to improve our website and make it a hub for our digital strategy, and to really start driving traffic to our website. Can you help us out?"

Of course we said yes — between us and Pam Ann Marketing, we can do just about anything — but we realized right away that they needed more than just a new, fancy website design.

They needed an entire marketing package — email marketing, content creation, blog management, website design and development, and a slew of other services provided by Pam Ann Marketing, like PPC, keyword research and suggestions, and website infrastructure strategy.

tct mockup


TCT already had a website, and it had served them well for a while, but the website was starting to look at little basic as their business aged and came into its own.

Though it had served them well for a while, it was time for them to move on, to grow their digital presence and set the foundation for the future.

The website needed to do a lot more for them. At one time, their website was simply proof that they existed, a simple way for clients to research them and make sure they were the real deal. However, as their business grew, they needed a new website that could grow with them, something that could host a great deal of content, something that could form a hub for all their digital marketing efforts.

TCT had a large amount of content from their previous website that they needed to move to the new website. They had been doing quite a bit of blog writing for their previous site, and they really didn’t want to lose all that hard work.

And of course they didn’t have to.

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