We developed an entire rebranding strategy for Elite Manufacturing and Logistics Solutions that modernized their website, revitalized their image, and revamped their marketing materials to help them expand their range of potential partners.

Their goal was to expand their services from a very specific niche to partnerships with distributors across North America, which required a more effective marketing strategy — their brand at the time was not accurately portraying the company they had become and what they were capable of doing.



Elite Manufacturing and Logistics


June 2017


Rebranding & renaming
Marketing analysis and strategy
Graphic design
Website development
Search engine optimization (SEO) of existing content
New content creation
Creation of printed materials



We helped Elite Manufacturing of Denton Texas with a complete rebranding strategy, including printed booklets, as shown here, and a new website.

The Problem — Outgrowing the Old Brand

Elite Manufacturing and Logistics is a homegrown, established brand, but they felt they had outgrown their previous image, brand, and even their company name. The old brand identity no longer reflected the scope or quality of work they were capable of, the sheer capacity that the mature organization they’d become over the past 20 years in the North Texas manufacturing industry was able to achieve.

When they reached out to us in 2017, we set out to design a fresh brand, a modernized website, and an analysis-based marketing strategy that would prepare them to break into the larger North American market and grow beyond their humble beginnings.




The Blue Steele Solutions — A Rebranding Strategy Built From the Ground Up

The rebranding strategy was simple: Upgrade everything.  

Here’s the highlight reel showing what we did:

  • Generated a rebranding strategy based on a marketing analysis
  • Designed a fresh, more engaging logo that helped roll out the new company name
  • Developed a totally new website with a fully modernized design
  • Optimized existing content based on SEO best practices
  • Created entirely new content with clear calls to action (CTAs)

We started with the content, rewriting all their existing content using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices to increase their visibility to potential customers.


More Solutions

We followed up with the visual — a complete redesign of their website with a fresh logo to match.

The old content lacked clear calls to action, and the website itself was not optimized for search performance. By revamping the entire website, we increased the likelihood of potential customers discovering Elite Manufacturing and Logistics content when searching for topics related to logistics support or manufacturing.

More importantly, we wrote completely new content to fill in the gaps the old content left, all to more effectively tell the “Elite Story.”

By accurately conveying who Elite is, what they do, and why they are a pillar upon which their current clients have achieved success, the full narrative we conveyed makes it possible for Elite to attract Tier-1 and Tier-2 manufacturers and entice them to make contact through Elite’s gorgeous new website.

We even went so far as to apply the fresh brand and impactful content to a newly designed lineup of printed sales materials and brochures.

With the brand fully upgraded and a whole new data-informed marketing strategy in place, potential customers now get a clear message: Elite Manufacturing and Logistics is ready to compete across the North American manufacturing market.


Is Your Brand Losing Touch With Who You Are Today?

Your company’s brand is its public face. It’s your business’s first impression. It communicates what you and your organization value and feel passionate about.

You can better transmit the message of who you are and what you do best with a rebranding strategy developed specifically to deliver your company’s story.

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