Kraft was ready to burst onto the digital scene, and Blue Steele Solutions was there to help.

Kraft Building & Remodeling website and social media management.


Kraft Building & Remodeling


June 2013


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One major roadblock to their online success was their rigid, difficult-to-manage website. They did not have full control over their website, nor could they make simple changes. Home builders and remodelers need to be able to continually add to their website, to create new pages that showcase their work.

They also couldn’t fully optimize their site for SEO because of the way in which it was built, which mean they weren't showing up on search results. To make matters worse, though they had completed a number of projects, they had no way to add those projects to the website.

They needed someone to write descriptions of their new projects, take pictures of the worksite for before pictures, take pictures after the project is complete, and add the project to their website.

Finally, even though they had a website, the website wasn't bringing in leads. They weren't sure how to go about breaking into the social media arena, and they needed suggestions on how to increase their social media presence.

That's where we came in.


We rebuilt the Kraft Building & Remodeling site on WordPress, improving the overall look and feel, site experience, and search visibility. We specifically focused on critical SEO elements, creating the structure necessary for SEO efforts to come to fruition.

We then went to work on the portfolio. Remodelers live and die by their previous work, so we created simple archive pages to house all their photos.


We took all the photography for Kraft, focusing specifically on the unique items in each project that set Kraft Building & Design apart from the crowd. We then added all these photos to the website and wrote content to go along with it.

Over the last few years, we have continued to generate new portfolio posts, take new photos, and write new content, growing the site and encouraging additional leads and sales.

Finally, we managed their social media, sharing the new portfolio posts in a mix with other relevant social media shares, links, and articles. Not only did this help with SEO, but it also helped increase Kraft's local presence.

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