Define Your Brand Persona V2

Brand Persona Template

Boring brands fail.

But you're not boring — You rock, and so does your brand.

And yet...

You struggle to communicate that to others — to customers, to coworkers, to employees.

The Brand Persona Template fixes that. When you complete this guide, you'll have a crystal clear description of what your business is, what it does, why it does it, and why that matters, a guide you can share with those critical members of your team, a guide that will make them better at what they do.

Resonate With Your Most Valuable Customers

The Ultimate Brand Development Template walks you through the entire process of creating a brand that makes your most valuable customers hungry for whatever you've got (and then some).

Learn how to

  • Identify the beliefs and values that drive your business
  • Build a brand persona that's unique (and uniquely you)
  • Create a compelling brand voice that speaks to your customer's needs and resonates with their personalities
  • Develop the colors, fonts, and iconography that make your brand shine
  • Communicate that to your most valuable customers

Keep Partners, Coworkers, and Employees On-Brand

When you complete this template, you'll walk away with a clear sense of who your business is and why it does what it does.

That helps you to personally become more effective when targeting new clients and customers and when developing new products and services for existing customers...

But you aren't doing this alone.

You might have a coworker, an outside agency, or an employee who needs to better understand the brand so they can more effectively market to your customers.

This template, when complete, is the resource they need to better understand your business...

So that they can do their jobs more effectively.

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Define Your Brand Persona V2