Learn To Use Excel To Calculate Your Marketing ROI

Marketing Budgets and ROI Calculation

Is your marketing worth the money you're sinking into it?

Are you getting anything back for all that adspend?

And how much are your customers worth, anyway? What's their lifetime value?

The Marketing ROI Calculator helps you understand exactly how effective your marketing efforts are.

The Marketing Budget Template helps you get all your digital marketing ducks in a row. 

Create a Marketing Budget for the Year in Minutes

The Marketing Budget Template helps you:

  • Consider all possible major marketing channels at once
  • Quickly and efficiently budget marketing dollars in a single document
  • Share the completed template with employees and coworkers

Walk away with a clear idea of how your marketing funds will be allocated for the year without spending hours creating a spreadsheet yourself.

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Determine the TRUE Cost of Your Marketing

Tie your marketing goals, your marketing budget, and the results of your marketing campaigns together with critical information on the true value of the profit you earn on each customer.

  • Learn the true cost of your marketing (including the cost of employee hourly wages for time spent on marketing efforts)
  • Calculate simplified customer lifetime value and yearly customer value
  • Calculate the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing (which of your marketing efforts give you the most bang for your buck)
  • Evaluate your marketing goals (and how close you are to achieving them)
  • Use this information to improve your marketing efforts and results

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Learn To Use Excel To Calculate Your Marketing ROI