Learn To Use Excel To Calculate Your Marketing ROI

Marketing Budgets and ROI Calculation

Is your marketing worth the money you're sinking into it?

Are you getting anything back for all that adspend?

And how much are your customers worth, anyway? What's their lifetime value?

The Marketing ROI Calculator helps you understand exactly how effective your marketing efforts are.

The Marketing Budget Template helps you get all your digital marketing ducks in a row. 

Feeling confused? Lacking confidence in your marketing?

Don't let confusion and fear rob you of your confidence and stop you from reaching your goals.

The Marketing Forge contains the exact strategies and methods we use in our own marketing agency to help our clients reach their goals.

We believe budget shouldn't stand between you and your potential for greatness.

You just need a plan and simple set of actionable steps to follow so you can go from frustrated and unsure to a confident and strategic marketing pro, right?


Learn More About The Marketing Forge by Blue Steele Solutions

When you invest your time and money in marketing, you want to feel like you're making the best decisions possible to grow your business.

You want to feel confident that your money is well spent.

If confusion and fear are robbing you of your potential for greatness and success, leaving you feeling lost and a bit hopeless, then The Marketing Forge is your refuge.

We'll help you cut through the noise and distractions long enough to create an effective strategy that increases your leads, brings you more sales, and helps you feel confident that you're doing this whole marketing thing the right way.

We believe that everyone is filled with an untapped potential, that they simply need the right plan and a simple set of actionable steps to follow to share their greatness with the world.

We understand. We've been the struggling marketer and the ambitious business owner, trying to forge a path and create an effective strategy while unsure if we were really doing it right.

After 10 years of running an agency and helping our clients achieve the marketing results they crave, we've learned the right way of doing things.

We want to share that with you.

We've paved the path to greatness over and over, and now we're sharing those same roadmaps with you, our loyal followers and fans. Our clients have used the same strategies we'll teach you here to not only increase leads and sales, but to also reduce the cost of new customer acquisition and enhance their global reputations as industry experts.

More importantly, we've helped our clients gain the confidence they need to invest in marketing, knowing they can achieve their goals and see the results they dream about.

Choose the course or book that best matches the area you struggle in the most. Work through each topic, mastering both strategies and tactical implementation one piece at a time.

If you ever feel like you haven't learned from our resources or that the information here isn't accurate, just email us — we'll be happy to work out a refund.

When you work through these resources, you'll feel empowered with a clear understanding of the steps necessary to reach your business goals through the no-longer-mysterious methods of modern digital marketing.

You'll be confident in implementing these strategies yourself. You can avoid the feeling of confusion, frustration, and failure so many experience when they try to master marketing for their business.

Check out more of our awesome resources in The Marketing Forge. We'll see you there.

Create a Marketing Budget for the Year in Minutes

The Marketing Budget Template helps you:

  • Consider all possible major marketing channels at once
  • Quickly and efficiently budget marketing dollars in a single document
  • Share the completed template with employees and coworkers

Walk away with a clear idea of how your marketing funds will be allocated for the year without spending hours creating a spreadsheet yourself.

Get it now.

Determine the TRUE Cost of Your Marketing

Tie your marketing goals, your marketing budget, and the results of your marketing campaigns together with critical information on the true value of the profit you earn on each customer.

  • Learn the true cost of your marketing (including the cost of employee hourly wages for time spent on marketing efforts)
  • Calculate simplified customer lifetime value and yearly customer value
  • Calculate the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing (which of your marketing efforts give you the most bang for your buck)
  • Evaluate your marketing goals (and how close you are to achieving them)
  • Use this information to improve your marketing efforts and results

Grab it now.

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Learn To Use Excel To Calculate Your Marketing ROI