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A box with text hovers over a blue background with a laptop. The white text reads, "Facebook Ad Guide." Strengthen your Facebook marketing efforts by learning the best Facebook ad tips from us.

When it comes to Facebook ads, a guide is precisely what most folks need to even get started.

Fortunately, we’ve got more than that—we’ve got an entire suite of Facebook resources to help you along your Facebook advertising journey.

This is the Facebook ads guide you’ve been looking for, soldier, the precursor to our comprehensive marketing ebook, The Art of Marketing.

You can start with the Facebook ads guide, but if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, the ebook is where you’ll end up.

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The Facebook Ads Guide — The Facebook Ad Planner Worksheet

Though the Facebook advertising platform has changed over time (and will continue to do so), these simple worksheets will stay relevant for years as they address the fundamentals of pay-per-click advertising.

For the Facebook Ad Planner Worksheet, you’ll want to print out multiple copies, one for each ad you’re planning.

Also, be sure you have the Facebook Ad Manager open while you plan your ads so that you can add as many necessary details as possible.

Together, these resources will help you plan a single Facebook Ad and an entire Facebook Ad campaign.

They’re the first step — the next step is the full-blown ebook that helps you comprehensively attack the problem of digital marketing for your business: The Art of Marketing.

The Facebook Ads Guide — The Facebook Ad Campaign Template

The Facebook Ad Campaign Template is a Google Sheets template (similar to Excel) designed to help you plan 5 week’s worth of Facebook ads, along with the audience for each ad.

You simply fill in the blanks and then insert your content onto Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook is constantly changing, so we’ve left out some selections and kept the basics.

Before you make a copy of this and start running ads, I REALLY hope you have some sort of marketing strategy in place, that you’re not just “trying out” Facebook ads to “see what happens.”

(I can’t tell you how many clients do this, and it’s beyond frustrating).

The Facebook Ads Guide — Put Together a Marketing Strategy BEFORE You Start Advertising

If you have a strategy in place, if your Facebook ads are meant to help you achieve some S.M.A.R.T. goals, if you’ve considered your other marketing options, and if Facebook ads still make sense, then by all means, download a copy of this template and get to work.

But if you’re just getting into this whole marketing thing and trying to figure out what to do next, if you’re just giving Facebook ads a shot because someone told you they’re awesome (or the previous marketing manager was like “we do this, so just do it.”)…

Well, that’s a pretty bad reason to start making Facebook ads.

You need a strategy in place, you need to know why you’re making Facebook ads, you need to understand the process surrounding Facebook ads, pixel and list retargeting, how to create an compelling landing page, how to move someone effectively through that page with clear, compelling content…

If you understand all that—great. Make a copy of the template and forget I said anything.

But if any of what I just said confused it, you might want to check out our popular marketing ebook, The Art of Marketing.

It helps you understand the foundations of all your marketing efforts, teaches you where to begin, why to begin there, and where to end.

And it ensures that you aren’t wasting time and money on marketing tactics (like Facebook ads) that aren’t the right fit for your goals.


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