The Instagram Plugin For WordPress That You’ve Been Waiting For

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Our amazing, awesome, and totally talented developer Frank Gomez recently launched his blog, and he started with a truly topical topic:


Instagram is becoming huge—some of our BFFs on social media can’t say enough good things about the power of Instagram and its potential. Our friend Robert Nissenbaum had this to say in this incredible article about the State of the Instagram Union:

I firmly believe Instagram is a great platform and small business owners and solopreneurs would be remiss if they weren’t at least using it to some degree.

Convinced that you need Instagram yet? Jump on the bandwagon now before it slaps on a V12 and zips off without you.

For those WordPress power users looking to integrate an Instagram feed into their website, Frank found the perfect plugin. Not only is the plugin free, but it’s also very easy to use:

Initially, I thought I’d have to do some sort of CSS customizations to get my Instagram shots looking great on all screen sizes. I was so happy to discover that the plugin does all this dirty work for you.

If you want to grab this plugin and add it to your own site, Frank has you covered: his article breaks down exactly how to install the plugin on your WordPress site and get it working immediately. (I may have lied about needing to be a power user to use this plugin—it’s actually really simple).

Ready to learn more about the plugin?

Click here to read Frank’s full article here.

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