So, What is WordPress?


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A few months ago we asked what WordPress means to you — and your answers were amazing.

WordPress to me represents the backbone of the internet. Not in the sense that WP runs over 20% of the sites out there, but that it’s open source and has a strong and committed community that’s loves to help one another out. Even the people who have built their businesses around WP encourage their own rivals and enjoy a healthy competition. I feel like we’re all rooting for each other and just want to open up the WP environment to as many people as possible while constantly improving the platform.

WordPress is making my life much easier.

It is a large part of my professional life.  It allows me to create things in hors and days what before would have taken months and weeks.

One heckuva community!

WordPress changed my life

amazing flexibility

My livelihood. My food, my bed, my happiness.

It’s the world to me 🙂

A great way to provide people with the services they require to run a website. All is possible in the world of WordPress

A great framework to help me build and manage websites.

It means I love my job.

Quick and painless web development.

It’s the foundation of every website I design and code!



WordPress helps me get bread for my kids in a joyable way.

Food on the table, travel to new places, and new friends in all those places.

I’m a WordPress developer for almost 10 years now, it’s my job, but I love it and enjoy every minute.

I think it’s the best CMS ever 🙂


It’s my working tools, we develop exclusivly with WordPress at my actual job and I love it !

It means the ability to offer my clients the best of both worlds of creativity and practicality !


It means freedom to me, freedom to live the life I want to live.

It means my life, my way of supporting my family and helping other small businesses like me.  It means risk, the risk I took when I decided I didn’t want to work for others but rather work for myself HELPING others be successful in what they do.

It is my obsession, passion and livelihood. It shapes a big part of my day and continually inspires and excites me.

WordPress is my livelihood, I depend on it and its abilities to make my clients happy and most of all keep my family safe and happy.

WordPress means so many things but the two that stand out are community and Freedom.

Not just the community of wordpress but also the environments like AWP that it creates. The monthly meetup grounds and Wordcamps. Its an eco system that has given so much joy to millions around the world. No longer are people stuck behind a laptop coding alone.

Whist brings me to my second meaning. In the words of Braveheart


I no longer have to code for 10,000 hours to get a basic site live. The flexibility that wordpress has given me to create a company that allows me to spend time with my family is amazing. I get to travel the world and do the things I enjoy because of a community of people that I now belong to once decided to make a difference.

The freedom to make pretty much whatever I like on the web!

WordPress is why I have a second chance at a career!  I love it and the community that it has shared.  Cheers to many more years, and success.

Life & Freedom!

It’s an ends to a mean.

Awesomeness and a paycheck

It means I can deliver whatever my client needs because I have full access to the source code instead of explaining to them the limitations of a closed system.

It is a fairly simple yet robust CMS that can be customized to fit client’s needs.

An awesome platform that allows me to get creative with design and function, yet allows my client an easy way of updating content.

Expression, the ability to express myself on the internet and help others to express themselves.

WordPress has enabled me to accomplish a lot in my life. I never thought that I would have a job that would allow me to go to school, spend time with my wife (who is pregnant with our first child), and to have enough to live comfortably, all while in my early twenties. WordPress has exposed me to many great opportunities I never would have had otherwise. I am very grateful for WordPress.

My Passion

It’s a powerful site that lets me create flexible webspaces for myself, for my students, and for my readers, affordably.

WordPress is liberation.

WordPress makes developing lots easier, since it is a really flexible system. Developing wordpress websites is my core business for a few years, already! 🙂

A nice piece of software with a nice community.

Easy and awesome websites, a really hand to make me visible and able to spread my feelings. TY.

WordPress is my Community – a place where very talented people happily help others become very talented people and become friends in the process.

WordPress is my love and life! It makes my living. It forced me to quit my 9-5 job and started a new career as a Freelance WordPress Developer.

For me WordPress is about Freedom. The freedom to have a platform that lets me meet a variety of goals from a variety of angles while still being robust. The freedom to be part of an active and caring community. The freedom to modify code as I wish while still taking advantage of the many community contributed options, plugins and themes.

Great CMS, Awesome Community!

It means I can deploy customer sites without having to start with a blank slate.  That is the bottom line reason.

Freedom to create on the web

I build all my websites and clients websites on WordPress.  It means my livelihood, and friendly website interface.

WordPress is my love for an open source software and community.

It’s saved me thousands of hours!

I really like how easy it is to work with compared to Joomla.

WordPress means I have the ability to create websites for my clients with ease and no great technical knowledge.  With WordPress, the advance WordPress Facebook community instantly provides me with answers and solutions to my problems you would normally have to pay a developer/code for.  Thank-you AWP


Everything… I cannot think of building a website without WP.

Its the next best thing after pizzas 🙂

WordPress is a powerful cms for blog,  personal  and business sites.

Having a job.

WordPress is our livelihood. It’s bringing not only our dreams to life through our business success but it’s also the catalyst that allows us to help people fulfil their dreams for their life by creating their own business online – all powered by WordPress.

Freedom: to publish, to use, to contribute, to share, to modify or not.

WordPress is the solid, flexible platform upon which I build my voice and my business, and my clients’ businesses.

I’ve been using WordPress before it was called WordPress (as b2 cafelog) and it’s been a means to be able to grow as a small business owner and for my personal life. My WordPress community has really supported what I do.

Simple and profesional

The best WordPress group in Facebook with best people !

WordPress is surely an amazing platform and it keeps on getting better, but I think I’m even more amazed by the community behind it!



Freedom to create


WordPress allowed me to escape a career I hated and continues to allow me to feed my family in my pajamas. I’m pretty fond of it! 😀


The world

It means even a non techie like me can build a cool online learning system for my brick and mortar employees

In 2008, I started a blog, and it was an In a few minutes, knowing nothing about blogs, PHP or anything, I started to publish posts. Since then, I learned a lot, I’m currently hosting my blog on my server and I have helped many other bloggers to start. All this, thanks to the simplicity and power of WordPress !

The future.

a new way to make business.

WordPress is the reason I am able to follow my passion. I can design and develop my own site and share my passion for adventure and action sports. I can also use the power of WP as a freelance dev and everyday I get blown away but what you can build with it. WP rocks – cliche but true!

All of my websites use WordPress and i write tutorials for WordPress, WordPress is part of my life i think.

I work with WordPress everyday, developing customized solutions for nonprofits, small business and individuals.

an amazing resource for WordPress

WordPress means two things for me:

1. I have been working in the IT security industry for a over 10 years now and I used to deal with technical people who are already aware of security etc. Coming into the WordPress scene, many WordPress users are anaware of the dangers out there so the challenge of raising awareness and showing eveyone how important it is to secure a website is inviting.

2. I always worked in software companies and always dreamt of having my own startup but budget never allowed it. With WordPress things are different. There is still a lot of place in the market, things are “easily” built and with WordPress you can do a lean startup.

It’s so much more than software.  It’s community.  It’s collaboration.  It’s open-source idea exchange.  And it’s constantly evolving and improving.

A way to give a  professional, high-quality, easily-maintainable web presence to even the smallest business or group.

An easy way to produce good looking websites quickly that the owner can easily update the content on.

freedom, simplicity and a lott of fun!

I love WordPress for developing websites and web shops. It’s relatively easy, has a great community of enthusiastic people like me behind it and when you work with it you get even more excited.

WordPress is the building block to craft creative and user-friendly websites for all purposes.

its a way of living

It is my work in the last 10 years.

Great fast and scalable CMS with a unbeatable community

I use wordpress for most of my websites. I love it, it makes it easy for customers to control their content

WordPress not just a blog-platform, it’s a right CMS solutions for me to build web application for clients.

the freedom to work anywhere!

I came to WordPress after working at and looking with Joomla and Drupal. Looking back, it has been a great decision.


Am making my livings using WordPress..

In my opinion WordPress is the most flexible and easy to learn CMS with which any kind of website can be designed and developed.

The community behind WordPress is amazing, with so many cool people to meet and work with around the world. It is an amazing platform not just powering millions of websites but also providing a solid means of income  to bloggers, developers, designers and agencies.

For me, WordPress is a way to express ourselves

WordPress means both a way to do business and a way of life. Building awesome pieces of the internet with the help of a great community behind a great product.

My daily bread and life….

It’s a way for me to make awesome stuff for the internet.

Unparalleled variety in a first-class presentation that makes a web presence accessible to almost everyone.

WordPress means everything to me. In Feb this year, I left my job at BBDO Impact Agency to become a full time UI/UX Designer & Frotend developer in WordPress. So, far it’s going great.

Hope and happiness.

Doing websites with WordPress I earn my daily bread.

Economic independance

I don’t know what exactly WordPress mean to me or you guys, but i must say WordPress fulfill my dream to be my own boss!!

WordPress is my life, my livelihood, and my most beloved platform!

You’re going to get this one a lot, but to me, the best thing about WordPress is the community.  I don’t think of other WP devs as competition, but rather collaboration.  They’re people I can work with to help solve their problems, and turn to when I have problems of my own.

I eat, sleep and drink WordPress. WordPress is my livelyhood.

WordPress is the gateway drug to programming. I was able to build a basic wordpress site using a template a few years ago and I actually felt like I accomplished something rather than getting discouraged and quitting. After learning little by little, I can build a theme from scratch and have built using other frameworks and languages as well. I’m now teaching two of my team members how to program using the same method I learned.

WordPress (freelance) is how I’ll one day escape the tyrannic clutches of my day job. It is everything.

This is what love feels like 😉

WordPress is my life right now. I’ve totally ditch my full time job to be a full time plugin and theme developer, means I trust wordpress a lot and I can see a great future with it.

Individual success through the power of a co-operative community.

Makes my life and work easier to help people build their dream business.

WordPress means to me the means to get that extra money to pay for my  thousand hobbies. 😀

WordPress is love, WordPress is life.


Earn a living with WordPress writing about it and coding plugins.

Among the list of sites I write for as a freelance include but not limited to etc.

WordPress gave me a life and made me pretty much financially free.

Code is Poetry and WordPress is the language I write my poems in.

Simply put, it’s given my business a new lease on life.

WordPress means a life changing tool that I found out 3 years ago.

I’ve come to build a simple business webpage for my mother to a full blown out woocommerce website for myself.

WordPress is the future for me.

WordPress is a web solution for almost everything.

Freedom to be my own boss, watch my kids grow and to make people happy,  by making their websites professional and successful.

livelihood, creative expression, problem solving, connecting with people!

Independence and, at the same time, community — WordPress means I will never have to worry about supporting myself because I can take my WordPress skills anywhere I go, and I don’t have to worry about being lonely because the community of WP is worldwide and amazing.

WordPress means a better user experience for my clients.

WordPress is a medium to create business, personality, commerce, and art.

Without it I would not have my current career, which has enabled me to move across the continent so that my kids can grow up near their family.

Freedom to spend time creating content instead of arguing with code

Cutting-edge technology at the reach of everyone’s hand

WordPress means to me that I can make my income from working with the people and things I love in an environment where we share an open philosophy.

Blogging made easy and fast. If I need to extend WordPress there is a plugin available.

Sounds sad, but it’s my life. Not that I don’t do other stuff but I design WordPress themes and that says it all.

I run a media startup which happens to be one of India’s fastest growing digital media platforms, and WordPress has been more than a saviour to us. Startups, like mine, can’t afford developers. And that’s where WordPress comes in. Little learning curve, and off one goes. Can’t imagine life without WordPress now! 😀

My livelihood.

WordPress means quality and stability for me.  With it’s distributed work force and dedicated upgrade path I do not have to worry about being left high and dry with a bad update or one that makes add-ons like themes and plugins obsolete.

I make my living as a web designer and that just because of WordPress.

It’s my passion and my job.

Income, Friendship, Learning

The freedom to work for myself

WordPress is simply the most amazing software that hit the planet. And, I’m happy to be associated with it for over 10 years!

WordPress is amazing!  It took me forever to finally switch over from hard-coding in dreamweaver to using WordPress, but I am so happy that I finally did.  It has opened up some amazing opportunities for me in just over a year and a half and I am looking forward to the future!

Although I know a number of web technologies WordPress is something special and it means a World to me!

A small, but mighty publishing tool that holds a secret treasure  each time I open it up. No matter the project or task, WordPress and it’s awesome plugins provide a solution every time!

A good blueprint for (almost) any site

Thanks – I love AWP!   WordPress means that I can help enable small business owners to manage their own websites and watch their businesses thrive.

A solution which can me fast and value added services in supporting the websites/application needs of my customers.

Income to buy more shiny objects. 😉

WordPress, to me, is a giant stepping stone that opens doors and possibilities into a whole new world. The world of Open Source. The connections I have made in the WP community are priceless.  I am very thankful to have access to such an amazing platform.

Apart from 15-17 hour days, it has been an essential means of income for myself since 2010.

WordPress means a massive time-saving for me combined with amazing flexibility and developers who actually care!

Finding my own passion in life while being able to take care of my family. And also geeky joy. Lots of geeky joy!

hope to have my own business someday

Website  up and running in minutes.

I don’t like people who writes ‘WordPress’ as wordpress or WordPress or any other way which is not correct. I guess this single statement can tell what WordPress means to me. Being logical, WordPress is both my profession and passion.

a living

WordPress allows me to build sites for myself and clients, and know that there’s a huge community of devs willing to help along the way. Pure peace of mind.

WordPress is at the core of my livelihood. First as a web developer, it helped me develop attractive websites quickly, and add most features I need with the plugin architecture. Now, as a marketer, it allows me to build websites quickly with a great deal of flexibility. I would not be in business if not for WordPress.

WordPress is my life, we’ve been through thick and thin together.  We’ve had our rough spots, like the time I thought we might never speak again after having to modernize a 1000 page 2.3 installation with over 60 plugins, but our love always brings us back together.  WordPress, you and I were meant to be.

WordPress is where my ideas and creations in my head come to life online.

WordPress enables me to run my real estate business swiftly!  I can make changes on my own without relying on a webmaster.  Over the past 6 years I’ve learned some php and I’m proud of the journey.  I give back by running the local meetup group and helping to organize the WordCamp in my town.

My design life before WP was 2d and focused on chasing possibilities in tech. Now with WP, bringing what was once just possibility to local small business reality.  Feels damn good that successful solutions have become my livelihood.

It’s the “Swiss Army Knife” of CMS Tools…

The best way to make and maintain a high quality web.

user friendly

WordPress is liberating.  It allows me to get as shallow or deep as I want or need.   I have been more productive, more enabled, and most of all more comfortable working with WP.   WP just really gets my effort to production faster.  Liberating.

A great means of realizing my dreams:  functionality, documentation, support, and great folks willing to share their time and talents.

To me WordPress means a place where people can tell their stories.

the future! Im learning wordpress to regain the freedom and joy of working for myself anywhere and whenever i want

WordPress is my magical dreamboat platform whisking me away into a cloud of clients, friends and community. 🙂

simple publishing, fully customizable, & food on my table

It means my livelyhood. I live and work as a freelance UI designer, and I am completely dependent on the simplicity of WordPress to bring to designs to life!

A vibrant community of people willing to help others for the sheer desire to have WordPress be appreciated and liked to its full measure.

The better and safer future for my family.

WordPress is innovation by integrating modular pieces. Making something new from existing parts.

Heather Steele

After almost a decade of marketing in a corporate setting, she tired of being a corporate cog and decided to go it alone, bootstrapping a business based on one simple principle:   Partnership.   Follow her on Twitter @heathersteele03, LinkedIn, or our blog to learn how to turn your business into a beast.

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