A YouTube Marketing Strategy That Puts Your Customers First

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YouTube Marketing Strategy for Small Business

For most people, coming up with the perfect YouTube marketing strategy means developing an advertising strategy—videos meant to drive sales.

Instead, I want you to think of YouTube in terms of content marketing—providing valuable content to your customers that brings them back hungry for more.

It seems like only yesterday that Google was the king of search. Its closest rivals, Bing and Yahoo, had become shadows of their former selves, trolls hiding under the bridge of Google’s unparalleled success.

Then along came YouTube and screwed everything up.

(Of course, Google then bought YouTube, so the story kinda ends there, but I digress).

YouTube became to video what Google became to written content—the best way to find it.

You know you’ve hit it big when your brand becomes a noun and enters Urban Dictionary.

“So yeah, YouTube is super popular blah blah blah so are a million other websites, it doesn’t mean I want to waste a bunch of money there—what’s your point Mr. marketing man?!”

Well, let me just tell you:

Being found on YouTube is akin to being found on Google—if you want to have any measure of digital marketing success, it’s a channel you need to consider.

And, with a little bit of research, a fair bit of planning, and some cash every now and then, you might just be able to turn YouTube into a new channel for customers to discover you.

But, I think YouTube has greater value than that—I don’t think you have to worry about how to get a million views on YouTube. Becoming the next great YouTube star isn’t exactly a reasonable goal for your business.

Instead, I want you to think about how you can use YouTube to create useful content for your customers, content that helps them during the research and investigation phase, something that showcases your product and helps them understand how it works, something to wow them.

That’s where I think the real value of YouTube lies for your small business.

A YouTube Marketing Strategy Based Around Your Customer—Use YouTube to Explain Your Product or Service

People love video. How much do they love video? One study found that retail shoppers who viewed a video about a product were 174% more likely to make a purchase than their friends who didn’t watch a video.

That’s one major way you can use video to your advantage—answering your customer’s questions. What do they usually ask about your product or service? Where do they get confused? What do you have to explain over and over? There’s your video.

It doesn’t just help them—it helps you through the sales process. Instead of having to do the same spiel over and over (and waste valuable time on customers who are still deep in the research phase), instead direct them to the video.

They get the information they’re looking for—you can focus your sales efforts on customers further along the pipeline.

Use YouTube Not for Advertising, but as Content Marketing—Videos that Provide Value to Your Customers

Don’t get stuck thinking video is only useful for advertising—it’s much more versatile than that. Customers are inundated with stupid advertising nonsense day in and day out.

They tune it out. Just think about your experience on YouTube—how much attention do you pay to ads before your video starts?

But once your video starts—then you’re paying very close attention.

Because that’s the content you came for—a video that explains or informs, that helps you learn a concept, complete a task, develop an idea.

A video that’s valuable to you.

Your customers want the same thing!

In fact, that’s what our friend Bridget Willard did with this 3-minute video on epoxy injection.

Take a look:

If ever there was a boring product to try to sell, this is it. But it wasn’t boring! She had fun with it, made it interesting, while at the same time providing valuable information that her company’s customers were looking for.

And what did she gain by making that short little video, by giving away a little secret? That video brought in thousands of dollars of business, and it kept doing so year after year.

Three years after the video was created and shared, that same video brought in $19,000 worth of business.

This stuff works—create a video that gives your customers something of value, and they’ll start to take  you, and your business, much more seriously.

Adam Fout

Adam might be a little crazy, but we love him anyway.   Weaving beautiful paragraph-baskets into blog posts ain’t easy, but we couldn’t think of a better job for a recovering tech writer.   Follow him on Twitter @adamfout2, LinkedIn, Facebook, or our blog if you like valuable information accompanied by snarky simplifications of complex subjects. If you're feeling adventurous, check out Adam's fiction and poetry on his author website at adamfout.com

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