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10 Graphic Design Rules You Should Never Break

A pair of sheets are displayed on a page with a blue gradient background. The sheets portray the rules of graphic design, which are as important to branding as anything else and can set you apart from other competitors.

In the world of fine art and graphic design, rules are often bent, or even broken. It’s encouraged. Breaking the rules is considered to be edgy, unique, and forward-thinking. With the career field of graphic design becoming more accessible in recent years, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, most newcomers to the design…

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Vector vs Raster: What File Type is Right for Your Project?

When it comes to the age-old battle, vector vs raster, the truth is that neither wins — the type of file you choose depends on your needs — six orange desktop file icons with different file type names arranged in two rows of three

Vector vs Raster — it’s a battle for the ages and one of the greatest struggles that many graphic designers (and many ordinary people) face when it comes time to create some graphics for their marketing. (If you’re working on your logo and struggling to build your brand, the Brand Persona Template is exactly what you need…

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The Graphic Design Process

As a designer, I never know what I might be working on from day to day. I might find myself working on logos, flyers, brochures, website mockups, social media banners, or anything in between. However, my process is basically the same across the board, no matter what I’m working on. I perfected my process for…

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