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Pie chart cut into sections (also, maybe Pac Man eating a few wedges of cheese) — One basic principle of marketing is to know your audience inside and out and then to segment that audience, much as this pie chart has been segmented.

A Basic Principle of Marketing so Foundational Most Advanced Marketers Rarely Discuss It

The pen tool icon from Illustrator with a vector line being curved — there are many different programs you can you use for logo design: Here are our tips on how to work with a professional designer.

Killer Logo Design — 7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Logo Your Business Needs

A graphic of a person sits next to one of a sheet of paper with a pen on a green gradient background. The key to writing content for your website is to focus on your customers, which most marketers don't do. Don't make the same mistake, and learn how to write customer-centric content.

How to Write Content for a Website — The Huge Mistake You’re Probably Making

Two gears — when we talk about how to write SMART goals, it's often like talking about these two gears: If even one part is off, the whole system breaks.

How to Write SMART Goals That Actually Work by Following One Simple Principle


The Best Website Builder Is No Website Builder

B2B Content Marketing vs. B2C Content Marketing — Content for Human Beings

B2B Content Marketing vs. B2C Content Marketing — Content for Human Beings

Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

A checklist and pen within a circle are pictured on an orange gradient background. A list of content marketing objectives, when done right, can be more effective than traditional advertising.

12 Content Marketing Objectives That Lead to Digital Marketing Wins