Ultimate Customer Persona Template



The Ultimate Customer Persona Template will help you:

    • Learn how to segment your market so you can create more effective marketing messages
    • Create detailed customer personas to guide your marketing efforts and stop that feeling of being lost in your strategy
    • Discover your customers’ true motivations and goals so that you can sell to them more effectively

Ready for the Big Leagues?

The Ultimate Customer Persona Template will help you get there.

There’s one huge difference between businesses and marketers who kick butt and take names and those who can’t figure out why they’re barely scraping by…

It’s market (audience) segmentation — and the creation of customer personas based on the different segments you discover.

Your market is this huge mass of people who are all potential customers, but working with every single one of them is impossible.

And honestly, working with all of them isn’t valuable for you. Your time and your resources are limited — you need to be working with the most valuable prospects out there, the customers who are going to turn into long-term evangelists for your business.

You can’t be wasting your time on the people who are unsure, cheap, or who are going to make your life difficult (and eat up your time and resources on the way to a small sale).

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But Identifying Your Potentially Awesome Customers (and the Potentially Awful Ones) Is Extremely Difficult

I think everyone gets this stuff above — you’re like, “Yes, I want awesome customers…”

“No, I don’t want awful customers… duh.”

Audience segmentation — the difference between successful and failed marketing — silhouettes in blue in orange of head and shoulders of three people

Unfortunately, things aren’t that straightforward.

The process of identifying your most valuable potential customers is a lot harder than just looking at your market and dividing it by something simple like demographic information or interests.

With the right questions, you can easily segment your market, identify the most valuable members, and start creating personalized, targeted marketing messages that are much more effective (and efficient) than the generalized messages most businesses create, messages meant to reach their entire market, their entire audience.

With the wrong questions, you can end up with poorly defined segments (or worse, with incorrectly defined segments), which means you end up with marketing messages that are ineffective (or that bring the wrong people to your door).

You waste time and money on useless marketing, you waste time and money on prospects who aren’t the right fit for you (and aren’t very valuable)…

But worse than that, you waste the money you could have made if your marketing was working as it should have been.

The Ultimate Customer Persona Template Will Help You Ask the Right Questions

The right questions make all the difference.

The Ultimate Customer Persona Template leads you, step by step, through the process of segmenting your audience by asking questions that yield real insights.

It helps you build customer personas that not only are accurate, but that will also help you, in a meaningful and measurable way, to create marketing messages that impact your market…

Instead of rushing over and through your customers with no effect.

Most People See Thousands of Marketing Messages Each Day

Do you want yours to stand out?

The Ultimate Customer Persona Template helps you identify your market segments accurately, giving you the tools you need to create a marketing message that actually means something to your potential customers.

That makes them stop in their tracks.

That makes them say:


Get the template and start segmenting your market like a pro.


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