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The Complete Guide to Brand Identity and Brand Design

Brand design and brand identity start at the drawing board, like the pen and paper and ink pictured here, but they end in the minds of your customers.

Your brand’s identity is the sum total of controllable and uncontrollable elements, and frankly, there’s only so much you can really control when it comes to branding — you can spend a lot of time on your brand, design the elements you can control, try to form an identity for your brand, but ultimately, your…

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Measuring Marketing Efficiency Is Only the Beginning

A person works diligently studying graphs and taking notes. Learn how to measure the efficiency of your marketing efforts by focusing on the data that means the most.

If you’re not measuring your marketing efficiency, your marketing is going to suffer, but marketing efficiency is only the beginning — what matters most is identifying the pieces of data that can make a difference in driving your marketing strategy. It’s not exactly a secret that marketing is expensive — especially digital marketing. It’s important…

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Content — The Meaning and Definition of Website Content

Four linked circles containing a monitor, a megaphone, a picture, and a notebook, are drawn in white on an orange background. These are forms of content, which is information that holds value for customers and can help make sales.

The meaning or definition of content is something that confuses a lot of people, especially new business owners and marketers. Though the word “content” has come into common usage in the business and marketing world, it’s not exactly a clear or common term that the average person is intimately familiar with. So, what is the…

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7 Clever Customer Retention Strategies That Utilize Content Marketing

A woman's hands type on a macbook. With our help, learn how to retain and engage your customers with these proven strategies.

Content marketing is the creation of useful, valuable content designed to draw in website traffic and generate leads naturally — it’s generally not associated with many customer retention strategies… But it should be. Content marketing, of course, is opposed to your average piece of advertising, which is designed to interrupt the content that a consumer…

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The Best Website Builder Is No Website Builder

Nothing breaks my heart quite like hearing the following sentence: “Oh, don’t worry — we’re just going to build our own website.” Oh the heartache this poor soul is going to endure… When it comes time to build your website, the best website builder is NO website builder… Instead, you should be using WordPress. Learn…

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